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Never Treat Your Lawn Again

Never Treat Your Lawn Again

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This tongue in cheek name to a groundbreaking approach to the care of your landscape is soil centric, meaning we concentrate on fixing the soil so that your trees, shrubs and lawn will flourish. Instead of quick fix, conventional programs with specific timing and application, the components in the “Never Treat Your Lawn Again” program are potent, all encompassing, and long lasting. BioChar is the foundation of the organic soil amendment we apply and differentiates it from other organic landscape products. Formulated in house, we inoculate the BioChar with other naturally occurring, beneficial compounds such as Calcium Chelate, Neem Cake, Kelp Meal, Leonardite, Compost, and Limestone.

We recommend a 3-year commitment to the Never Treat program. There are two applications per year.

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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