Cape Tree Preservation

About the Founder

About the Founder

Peter Wild, Owner + Founder

Peter Wild, Owner + Founder

Since 1977, Cape Tree Preservation founder Peter Wild has committed to developing safer and organic methods for the care of your landscape. His innovations and methodologies have revolutionized the industry.

1977     Graduated from Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts with an A.S. degree in Arboriculture

1977    Founded Winchester Tree Service, Arlington Tree Service, Belmont Tree Service

1980    Introduced biological caterpillar control for Gypsy Moth infestation to customers in Middlesex County

1982     Introduced humates as an organic approach to tree stress recovery

1987    Changed the name to Boston Tree Preservation to embrace our commitment to the preservation of trees through the use of organics

1997     Founded Soil Solutions, the first all organic soil amendment company in Massachusetts

1999     Founded and developed Arborjet, Inc., an environmentally safer methodology for tree injection in order to manage exotic invasive insect pests; now the USDA standard for stem injection in riparian areas

2000     Developed liquid biological amendments and compost teas from compost

2001 Consulted with UAE government and royalty regarding the decline of the Date Palm industry

2004     Purchased a 35 acre farm on Cape Cod to convert to an organic tree farm

Winchester Tree Service, 1985

2005 Consulted in Turkey with the owners of the largest apple orchard in the world regarding pesticide use reduction through the use of organics

2005-2010     Produced several peer reviewed published papers on new arboricultural techniques

2005     Began vermicomposting (worm farming) for production of fertilizers and soil amendments

2007     Produced biodiesel from local recycled vegetable oil for diesel power, thereby reducing carbon emissions by 80%

2008     Boston Tree Preservation named the #1 Green Tree Company in the USA by Tree Services magazine

2010    Introduced biochar soil amendments and started biodynamic tree farming on his permaculture farm

2010     Developed portable pyrolosis equipment for processing biomass from trees killed from insect infestations

2011     Started inoculating biochar with liquid biological and soil amendments

2012     Pioneered liquid biological amendment extraction equipment for small-scale agriculture

2015     Patented agricultural biomass as a matrix for release of plant active compounds

2016     Incorporated electrostatic ionization for foliar applications for pesticide and fertilizer use reduction by over 80%

2017     Expanded organic plant health care services to Cape Cod under the name of Cape Tree Preservation

2018     Pioneered water structure methodology to enhance the capability of water to regenerate chemically impacted soils